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What is Monogram? How do initials go on a monogram?

Michael Yeung 05/25/2021 0 comments

Classic monogrammed initials are one of the most popular choices for personalized gifts.  People see it as an impressive way to add sophistication and ownership to a gift.

In this paragraph, I’m going to define what monogram is and how people use it.

A monogram is a single, decorative design which is a combination of two or more letters and those letters might be interlocked, surrounded by a border or unique artwork, or simply arranged in a striking way.

Many companies are using monograms as recognizable logos and as symbols for a country’s reigning sovereign. We customize a logo to add on an object to add style and mark ownership.

Moreover, the purpose is to use a graphic as the best representation of a brand, person, or even a country.

How Do Monograms Work?

A monogram is usually made from an individual’s initials, but you can create it out of any set of words, it depends very much on personal preference. 

The Classic individual’s initials monogram can also be used by engaged and married couples: Places the initial of the person’s last name in the center, which is in a size larger than the other two letters. The first name initial appears on the left, while the middle initial appears on the right. 

The arrangement of the letters depends on preference.

The standard format is the couple’s shared surname in the center, with the first letter from each of the couples first names appearing on either side. 

Traditionally, all kitchen or dining room items, such as table linens. Their monogram rule are with the wife’s first initial on the left. 

Accessories such as bar glasses, bed linens, and ashtrays, put the husband’s initial on the left instead.

Custom monograms might appear on any home decoration, personal accessories or suitcase or anything you want to make it personalized.

For women: 

The monogram should include her first, middle, and last name initials. For instance, for Miley Ray Cyrus, it would be MCR. Traditionally, a woman can keep their maiden initials even after marriage.

For instance, if Miley married Mark Baker, it would be MBR.

For men: 

Some people prefer to use a slightly different order: the first, middle, and last name initials. For Charles Otto Puth, the monogram would be COP. It’s also possible to use the last name in the second position, so it would be  CPO. 

For children: 

The same rule for children. The order is first, last, and middle name initials. For instance, for Max Joseph Charles, that would be MJC.

The History of Monograms

In history, monograms could be a royal signature. In 350 BC, the first recorded one appeared on coins. Greek cities issued monogrammed coins with the first two letters of the city’s name and Christian symbols.

The Chi Rho monogram is formed of the first two letters of the Greek word for Christ and was used as part of military standards. 

In the Middle Ages, artists and craftsmen used monograms to sign their artwork. In the Victorian period, high-class society would use it as a symbol of their status, mostly the wealthy and growing middle class used it to decorate their items.

In Poland, Monograms were symbols of resistance. Therefore, the PW for Polska Walcząca (Fighting Poland) was used during the war, also known as ‘the Anchor’ because of the characteristic shape. 

Nowadays, Monograms are practical mode of identification, a brand design tool for companies. Famous brands like Louis Vuitton and Coco Chanel used monogrammed logos as a symbol of high-class elegance.