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Why do Women Love Handbags so much?

Michael Yeung 05/24/2021 0 comments

Men always wonder why women love handbags so much and what makes bags so desirable.

Handbags are essential to women’s life. Women own more than one bag and usually only one of them is practical. Women need bags for various purposes: for practical use, for showing off, for a hobby of collecting, or for some specific activities. The average number of handbags that a woman owns is 7.

Handbags are the leading accessory

Getting a new bag is not just for the sake of keeping up with the trend. Your choice of bag can make you stand out from the crowd. Some women would feel naked without their handbags. 

The right bag can make you feel far deeper than just being a way of carrying things around. 

Handbags are more than a fashion statement

The style of the bag contributes so much to our everyday apparel. No matter if you are a college-going chic or a professional sweetheart, being in style is a mandatory thing that women consider. It is also a way to grab all the attention around you.

To complete your overall look, women need stylish bags which suit almost every purpose. That helps her make her look the best without doing much.

Another thing is the handbag capacity has to be enough to store their essential belongings wherever they may choose to go. 

Some women see handbags as a companion

Try to ask a woman what she carries in her bag and why she needs to bring a bag. 99% of girls will tell you ‘I need it for carrying all the essentials.’ However, the weight of a bag tells a different story. What you can find in her bag is just lipstick and a small pack of tissues.

Guys are totally contrary—they like to put all the essentials in their pockets and find it comfortable. 

Most women claim they need a bag to carry essentials. But they are more likely to need a companion. Do the shopping, buy groceries or just a few minutes walk to the car park. Women tend to carry stuff using a handbag rather than hand-carrying. Undoubtedly, it adds a lot to her overall look  

To be a trendsetter

Surely you have a female friend who loves to be called a fashion icon? She doesn’t care if the bags she bought suit her personality. She is just eager to have all the bags look trendy to make her fashionable and catch up with the latest trends in the woman’s fashion world.

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Looking for a bag expert?

Thinking of how many handbags there are in your closet and how many of them you are still using. The number has no meaning and has nothing to do with being trendy and if the bags don’t meet your requirement. 

Remember the rule: Don’t go with the cheaper ones if they are of poor quality. If you are looking for a long-term used handbag, the price shouldn’t be the first thing to consider. 

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