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Bayan Sling Bag

Versatile sling bag for your everyday errands. 4-style to match your OOTD. Perfect compartments for all your essentials. 


WE LOVE OUR PLANET! To create a greener, safer and cleaner future. Bayan is made from certified recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET).

Different styles to carry

Bayan can be transformed into different forms. We want it to be your fittest companion. You can adjust it to the style most suitable for your journey.


Bayan offers a standard level of waterproofing. It is capable of being impervious to water even on rainy days so that no water gets inside.

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Custom Tote Bags with Outstanding Quality

Customizing a tote bag at an affordable price is easier than you thought. In, you can design a tote bag to meet all your expectations and fulfill all your needs. You can make a unique tote bag for yourself or send it out as a gift. Everyone prefers a personalized gift than regular gift.

Personalized Fanny Pack for Everybody

Our signature product — Custom Fanny Pack is made from water-resistant and recycled material — rPET.  The fanny pack is not too big and not too small, just fit and help you keep your necessaries tidy.

Custom Sling bag is in style

Check out all our custom bagsMakeToteBags provides the most popular options for you to customize. Different styles to match your personality. Personalized Sling Bag Bayan, our first kickstarter project which is a Sling Bag made from recycled materials that hit 120% of our goal. Perfect for bikers, sport-lovers or anyone who loves athleisure look.

Personalized Shoulder bag—also often called a handbag

For a smart casual look for work, Custom Shoulder Bag & Custom Handbag are great choices. Customize a tote bag to add a bit of outstanding features to your outfit. Check bags for women to get more help to create a professional look, with a relaxed feel that allows you to stay comfortable and show your personal style.

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