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5 Tips to nail a perfect Instagram OOTD Shot

Michael Yeung 05/26/2021 0 comments

Just got your new favorite cute dress and wanted to flaunt it? Found some famous tourist spot and wanted to do some ‘check-in’ posts? Read this article to learn how to get your OOTD shots more likes on Instagram! 

OOTD Tip 1. Finding the right location

Aside from selecting your outfit, a good location can be time-consuming for your shot. 

What constitutes a good location? 99% social media influencers agree that they will choose a clean background and try to avoid crowded areas unless it’s specially intended for the shot. 

Outdoor locations usually have a clean feel and scenic background with good lighting, country parks or beaches provide backgrounds with the beautiful flowers and beach-side views are definitely IG-worthy.

OOTD Tip 2. Posing 101

You’ve got an Instagram-worthy outfit on but unsure of how to pose? Modeling is always the hardest part.

Your pose really depends on what you are wearing and the look you’re trying to give off:

Let’s say you want to look more casual, movement is a great way to show!

For example, if you are wearing a long dress or skirt, I would recommend you to do a little swirl to show some movement, energy and flow. It helps to make your poses look more natural too. 

Movement and lifestyle angles are some great ways to seem more casual, such as having your photographer capture you walking, dancing, taking a sip of coffee, or heading to brunch. 

To pose naturally, here’s what you can do with your arms. 

You can cross your arms or put your hands in your pockets, do a jump pose and throw them up in the air. 

Feel uncomfortable? 

Maybe start with the easiest one first. I suggest you hold something in your arm or hand.  For instance, holding a clutch may help and complete your OOTD! And the other hand can then find its way around the body for a relaxed casual look.

For more OOTD poses idea, you can search #casual or #OOTD on Instagram. 

My go-to pose is folded arms, hands on my waist, resting my hands or arms on the wall, and a strong face! And of course — Practice in front of the mirror will help you find what suits you best.

Personally I tend to stick one leg out and look towards the sun. And keep hands slightly away from your body. With my favorite Fanny pack on my chest or waist, and the other hand holds on to the bag and the other hand resting on the wall. 

OOTD Tip 3. Golden Hour

The golden hour is the first or last hour of sunlight in a day. It produces a soft, warm light that’s great for shots. Anyone here is also a huge fan of the feeling and effect of the sun on my face that the golden hour brings!

Taking shots during the golden hour – also known as the magic hour. No effect needed because the light is spontaneous. It truly elevates your OOTD shots.

The time before the sun sets or rises is the favorite time for many influencers, some of them even wake up as early as 4am to reach our destination and avoid crowds while making it on time for the golden hour. However, to get those really nice pictures, there’s actually a lot of work that people don’t see.

OOTD Tip 4. Poses for newbies?

TOP TIP: Remember to smile, laugh, jump around. Being natural is the key to beauty, so is having a person that will help you execute your vision.

In other words, to get someone you’re comfortable with and will not judge you to take your pictures! If you have no one, you can bring along your self-timer & tripod combo with you. Frame the photo first, then get them to take pictures. 

OOTD tip 5.How to build your confidence?

In short, Just open to trying different kinds of styles —Start Googling poses and pay attention to clothes and bags that suit your body type and personality. Click here to see Latest trends in bags 2021

Last but the least! 

Keep trying! All the hard work and practice will get you confidence in no time! You’re bound to get a good photo.