Martin Luther King Jr. Day — Create a bag to memorialize him

There are loads of federal holidays in January to enjoy but this one you definitely cannot miss – Martin Luther King Jr. Day, to memorialize him that brought a great change to America.  Martin Luther King, Jr.  worked hard to bring greater equality to America. Without all his efforts we wouldn’t be living in a […]

The easiest way to create custom fanny packs with logo

Jump forward about 2 decades, the only acceptable use of the fanny pack was for dog trainers to hold those delectable little puppy treats.  if you wore a fanny pack outside the dog park, people definitely would’ve done a double take.  Fashion tends to run in circles, now the fanny pack is back on the market […]

Customize your fanny pack – a right color for your OOTD

Whether we realize it or not, color of bag can have a major impact on our OOTD. You hold a strong power when creating your own custom designs. You can invoke emotions, convey messages, and inspire change through color theory and print design. Let’s see what sparkles you can make with custom fanny pack. It’s […]

How to wear a fanny pack in style? – The ultimate guide

‘Isn’t the fanny pack a dad’s thing?’ Nowadays, fanny packs come in all styles and colors, no longer some old-school thingy! Fanny packs, also known as belt bags or bum bags, pair your one with different outfits to make it high-end, you can put on different outfits to add your personality and style. 1. Classic […]

Every purchase is a vote – Fashion waste to landfill or recycle

Environmental awareness is on the rise. People advocate green life and reduce the activities that harm our planet. When talking about environmental issues, the first one comes to mind is traffic pollution – As the government spends lots of money on educating the public that we should choose public transportation over driving our own car. […]

What is Monogram? How do initials go on a monogram?

Classic monogrammed initials are one of the most popular choices for personalized gifts.  People see it as an impressive way to add sophistication and ownership to a gift. In this paragraph, I’m going to define what monogram is and how people use it. A monogram is a single, decorative design which is a combination of […]