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Bayan Field Sling Bag


Introducing the Bayan Field Sling Bag – the ultimate bag for the modern-day professional. Its versatile, stylish, and tech-inspired design allows you to carry your 14″ MacBook, tablets, charging cables, AirPods, and more in one secure compartment. When folded, it can hold your small items like notebooks, books, and mobile phones. With a futuristic pocket design, the Bayan Field Sling Bag is perfect for those who appreciate both style and functionality in their everyday carry.

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The next generation of sling bag

Bayan Field Sling - A perfect blend of fashion and technology. This innovative sling bag is designed with the modern aesthetics of MacBook and Samsung foldable phones, making it a versatile accessory that can cater to your diverse requirements. It can be easily folded and adjusted as per your convenience.


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Protect your tech

Elevate your style with Bayan Field Sling

Versatile, stylish, and tech-inspired

The Bayan Field Sling has got you covered
Sleek and functional, the Bayan Field Sling is the perfect blend of style and technology for the modern, on-the-go lifestyle.

One bag, endless possibilities

Introducing the ultimate bag for the modern-day professional - the versatile, stylish, and functional bag that can be carried in multiple styles. With its adjustable straps, the bag can be transformed from a sling bag to a side bag, a business pack, or even a clutch bag. Its spacious compartments and innovative design allow you to carry all your tech essentials in one place, from your laptop to your AirPods, charging cables, and more.

The perfect style and functionality.

Bayan is not only stylish but also highly practical with its spacious capacity. It is designed with ample pockets to keep all your belongings organized, minimizing the need for multiple bags. With its numerous compartments and pockets, Bayan provides plenty of space to store your essentials such as wallets, phones, sunglasses, and more. You can easily access your items without having to search through a cluttered bag.

Sustainable Materials

Bayan Field Sling is crafted using recycled materials, specifically 310T and 290T rPET. These sustainable fabrics are not only eco-friendly but also water-resistant, ensuring your belongings stay dry and protected


When it comes to protecting your gear from water damage, you need a material that you can trust. That's why we use 310T and 290T rPET in our products.

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Unleash your tech style with Bayan Field Sling

The ultimate fusion of style and technology. With captivating patterns on one side, including digital camo, glitch effect, Field pattern, and circuit board


Black & Green

Circuit Board

Black & Brown

Digital Camo


Bayan Field

Digital Camo Orange


Glitch, Circuit Board, Camo Green, Camo Orange