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What is rPET? Why does it matter to support those products?

franco tsoi 06/28/2022 0 comments

Plastic is such a handy material for many products in our daily lives. Nice and easy! However, it comes with a hefty cost now. In recent years, we all know how it could hurt our environment in an irreversible way. Ultimately, it is our responsibility to take care of this planet. Thank you to our scientists: RPET is a technology that helps ease the issue.

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rpet fabric

There are various types of plastics, and PET is one of the most common we see and use every day, as in food and beverage bottles. PET products are transparent, robust, and safe, best for any purpose. Sadly, it is not friendly to the environment and takes centuries to break down. The scenes of water bottles and food containers piling up at landfills and floating in the sea are so distressing.

We all know about how to help, like cutting consumption, reducing waste, and recycling when possible. To help the latter, we are trying to give a second life to PET, by recycled polyethylene terephthalate (RPET).

More about RPET

PET is 100% recyclable and can be repeatedly recycled. The bad news is that it could take over 500 years to decompose in landfills. It is important evidence that everyone needs to cut off as much waste as possible.

The use of RPET helps reduce the need of producing virgin PET materials and the number of plastic wastes produced. Of course, governments can encourage the reuse of materials, but customers also have an important role here.

Water bottles and food containers are thrown into the ocean. This cause severe harms to creatures.
credit: Naja Bertolt Jensen

What can we do with RPET?

Starting from the customers, the most common is to establish the habit of garbage classifications. We are all familiar with the collections of plastics, paper, metals, and glass wastes, for further processes.

PET products are sorted and then transported to the recycling plants. They need to be washed thoroughly and then chopped up into small pieces. Next is to crush and melt those “flakes” into pellets. Then, they are ready for further production, depending on various products.

For example, a machine can squeeze the pellets into microfibers. This form is prepared for clothing items, like T-shirts, swimwear, and tote bags.

The finished items are of top quality and robust. RPET breathes well and provides resistance to high temperature and color fading. They are also water-resistant and dirt-proof, and so durable.

What is GRS?

Every business is selling eco-friendly factors in their products and productions nowadays. But, are you sure that they are genuine?

Global Recycle Standard (GRS) was originally developed by Control Union Certifications in 2008. It is an international, voluntary and full product standard for third-party certification of recycled content. This is to verify that the enterprise is actually taking responsible social, environmental, and chemical practices.

The aim is to encourage companies in supporting the use of recycled materials in their products and minimize the impact in any possible ways during the production.

Eco-friendliness is something that customers may take into account lately when purchasing anything. It is a feel-good factor that they are able to contribute to helping the environment while enjoying the products. Therefore, not only does a GRS certification acknowledge your effort in protecting the environment, but it could also boost the business’s reputation and earn an edge over your competitors.

Many internationally-renowned brands, such as Addidas, 3M, Puma and Nike, are members of GRS.

Recycling wastes, plastics, paper, metal and glass, have become our habits.
credit: Nareeta Martin

Be supportive of RPET products

It is hard to imagine that we are living without plastic products now. However, it is imminent that everyone needs to take immediate actions, from production to consumption.

The entire recycling chain needs all the possible support from us. Every party needs incentives to keep doing their parts. By purchasing RPET products, it means that you support the businesses and create a market for recycled plastics. This could in turn increase the awareness of the general public. The trend will motivate enterprises to invest in related technology and lower costs.

Every one of us and every step counts!

The Stunning Fact
A tonne of RPET materials is enough to produce about 67,000 bottles. The process can lessen the emission of 4.2 tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. It also saves 0.0364 tonnes of petroleum, as well as over 6 tonnes of water used in production.

The influence is more significant than imagined. See how we can make a difference!

Be responsible for reducing the consumption of plastics by using reusable bottles and other waste-free options. When disposing of plastic products, please follow guidelines and give the recycling business a hand.

Also, next time when we are to buy a drink, T-shirt, tote bag, or anything, please consider choosing products with a GRS certificate when possible.

RPET is not a perfect solution, and it cannot solve the problem once plastic is made. But, this is one of the least things we can do to help…

If you are a designer or interested in building an online business, eco-friendliness is one of the ways to sell.

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