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The easiest way to create custom fanny packs with logo

Michael Yeung 01/05/2022 0 comments

Jump forward about 2 decades, the only acceptable use of the fanny pack was for dog trainers to hold those delectable little puppy treats.  if you wore a fanny pack outside the dog park, people definitely would’ve done a double take. 

Fashion tends to run in circles, now the fanny pack is back on the market and more popular now than in its first run. It is no longer only popular among dads and grandpas like the time back in the 1980’s and 90’s.

Fanny packs are cool and being seen as hypebeast style. They can easily replace a purse while biking, walking. Multiple ways to carry it for total ease of following the latest trend. Most are just the right size to hold a passport, a wallet, your phone, and a pair of headphones, they are a perfect bag for everyday errands and traveling.

Promotional Fanny Pack with High Quality

Feeling tired of the usual promotional product that you offer customers? A little creativity can go a long way. 

Maketotebags puts a spin on ordinary promotional items and make them extraordinary. 

Fanny packs are a great promotional item. Have your company logo imprinted on the front to make it highly visible. That helps to get great exposure too. At MakeTotebags, we provide you the best customization experience with the high quality production.

Add Attractive Background to Your Promotional Bag

MakeToteBags online builder allows you to add any design you like with your logo on it. You can easily edit the design on all 3 sides by uploading images into our online builder. And logo can be easily added to our online builder in the same manner.

Various Existing Patterns to Select

You can always check our patterns stock to find a suitable background to make your logo stand out. We have various series for you to select. Our inhouse designers are keep up launching new patterns continuously.

No Minimum Order Quantity

1 promotional fanny pack only is acceptable here at You don’t have to stock all the promotional stuffs at your office or your garage. We provide you with flexibility to order whatever quantity you need for your marketing campaign. You can feel free to adjust your quarterly budget of ordering promotional materials to achieve the best marketing result.

Tips to customize fanny packs for getting your message across

Pick the right color

The color you select for the bag says something about your business. To make a statement through the color, you need to forget your logo for a moment. The color which is able to match the personality of your business and the message you want to spread is the priority. 

Color can be a powerful tool to tell a story and be able to support your logo. There are a lot of colors to choose from. Each one means something, you need to pick the perfect background, but they still need to help your logo stand out.

Think about the feel that colors give you, Yellow is youth, pink is romantic, red is passionate, Green is eco-friendly, and blue is sea. 

Print Design Tips for Fanny Packs

Here are some simple tips to spice up your marketing campaigns – For you to create a design for fanny pack with a beautiful and effective style:

1.Should not overcrowd your space 

Giving the subject enough room to shine, you have no idea how difficult it is for people to read your message if it is too crowded! And you should keep your promotional message simple, less is more!

2. Select attractive and impactful colors

Use a simple color scheme. Bear in mind that colors may look different on-screen and in-person. Some colors may be difficult to see in print.

3. Make your logo visible 

Upload your company logo to MTB’s builder and drag it onto the fanny pack. Once the image is loaded, view the image on the product. Click on the logo and move it around with your mouse until it is positioned to your liking. Your logo and text should be centered and look professional. 

Using a large bold font for the company name can help to show the name to promotional item users vividly. You can add your company slogan or motto under the company name in an italic font. Add contact details including address, phone number, website and email address underneath in a smaller font size may help your target customers to reach you anytime!

5. Make sure your image meet the requirement

Maketotebags enables users to upload images for background and add different elements on it, so yeah, no limitation on creativity as long as you can think of it! Also we provide various patterns, you can pick one and drag it to the fanny pack from the side menu. Make sure the resolution of the image is high so that it will look sharp and identical as the original picture.

MakeToteBags is backed by a publicly listed company with more than 35 years’ experience. Professional & Experienced Team that provides the highest standards in both our operations and business practices. Our efforts are recognized by different certification programs. You are most welcome to chat with us if you have thoughts!