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MTB maketotebags on concrete wall with graffiti style for custom canvas phone bag

Bring Graffiti Into Your Living

About Graffiti

No matter where you are living, you may find graffiti on random walls or abandoned buildings in some neighborhoods. They could be drawings, paintings, or words, of whatever topics, positive or negative. Well, what do you think about having a graffiti design on daily accessories, such as a laptop sleeve or phone bag?

Graffiti is a controversial subject ever. It is considered vandalism by many governments or the general public. It is often connected to illegal or criminal acts, painted by hooligans or gangsters.

In fact, graffiti has a long history, dating back to ancient times. It is about art and culture in some ways, and also an expression from the community. Some are actually created by local designers or artists and become tourist attractions. They could make the next level and be used as themes for popular product items.

Bring Graffiti Into Your Living

Okay, it is not a good idea to draw, paint or write on the walls in the public. So, let's bring it into the design of our daily items instead. We are open to helping with our latest product collection here, such as laptop bags or phone pouches.

The element is rather simple, which is the typical alphabet in English. You can always customize products, using messages and words. However, there are usually only ordinary fonts and designs available at your disposal. This graffiti style here would bring you a new option, and result in a metallic and iconic look.

You may want to print your name, nickname, or your favorite words on the items. The injection of graffiti art would make it a special and cool edition.

Our Graffiti Series in Laptop Sleeves and Phone Bags

Alphabets are in the form of embroidery on these handcrafted canvas bags. It is more sophisticated and durable than the traditional printing method. This is always one of the favorites of simplicity and minimalism lovers.

The design process is straightforward, supported by our easy-to-use builder interface. You can drag and drop any of the 26 characters on the stage, and resize or position it the way you like.

Not only is this personalized product series great as your daily items, but they are also perfect gift ideas for your family and friends. We will handle the production, packaging, as well as shipping to the recipients for you.

We are going to add more items to this graffiti product series. So, please stay tuned, and let's build your own design collection with us!