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Personalize the best cosmetic bags to be in a good mood

Michael Yeung 07/13/2022 0 comments

Who goes out without a cosmetic bag? No one! Girls want to make sure they look perfect all the time! You have no idea how much effort girls put on making themselves look good to get your compliments! 

I bet guys do not know how much time she spent on all the preparation before a date. For finding out the perfect outfit, she tried all the dresses in her closet; for picking the lipsticks she should go with, she sought all her besties’ advice — even though guys are not able to tell the difference! 

cosmetic or clutch bag

Beauty Products have explosive growth 

Good make-up gives us confidence. You cannot imagine how important cosmetics products are to a woman. According to the study, every American woman spends about US $313 per month on her appearance. This adds up to US $3756 per year or US $225,360 over the course of a lifetime. 

The importance of cosmetics has increased as many people want to stay young and attractive. In other words, doing make-up is no longer a female thing! Now-a-days makeup plays an important role for both men and women.

 That’s right, even men have become more beauty conscious and are concerned about their looks. Men spend slightly less, they spend about US$244 per month, which equates to US $175,680 over the course of their lifetimes. 

Protect your make-up with custom cosmetic bags 

I cried a little bit when my favorite limited edition lipstick got damaged by my little brother. Therefore, it made me realize that keeping them well-organized is important. 

A cosmetic bag certainly comes in handy for keeping your makeup organized in one place and protecting other possessions from getting accidentally smeared when you need to take your makeup along with you. 

Less is more. Think about what you really love and use every day. Your own personal makeup style and choices of makeup products is the answer to how much storage space you need, and also which type of cosmetic bag you should pick. 

6 personalized cosmetics bags 

Some cosmetic bags come in a simple design and solid colors. You can express yourself by personalizing your makeup bag and show off your cosmetic bag as you want with any other fashion after that.

Most importantly, You cannot have a serious makeup collection without the best makeup bag. Ordinary ones are always boring and the market is saturated with sameness. Your favorite eyeshadow palettes deserve to be cradled in something special! 

Looking for ‘the one’? Just to start with personalizing a cosmetic bag! 6 top-selling cosmetic bags are now available at MakeToteBags—with up to 50 different patterns, you can add a text or a logo to your design. 

If you prefer a light makeup look, a simple cosmetics bag will suffice. If your cosmetics products take up more room than your food and clothes, even more than a professional makeup artist, you may need a larger makeup bag to hold your entire kit. Options are fun, but the less you have to sort through, the faster you can apply your makeup and get out the door. 

cosmetic or clutch bag

1.Cosmetic Bags 

Attention All indecisive People! I know you have more than one favorite image and don’t know which one you should go with. MakeToteBag can help you to put them all onto a bag, so you do not need to kick the habit of Indecisiveness! 

2.Glitter Cosmetic Bags 

Glitter makes your design brighter and more vivid, lends a luxurious and feminine touch to it too. Glitter goes well with event dresses, takes your outfit to the next level. You will look more elegant and sophisticated than ever! Giving you a professional look and making you stand out against even the toughest competitors at any business events. 

MakeToteBag comes with 2 types of personalized 

Glitter cosmetics bag: Glitter Cosmetic Bags and PU Glitter Cosmetic Bags Glitter Cosmetic Bags: made from 100% polyester cloth with a high-density foam inner layer 

PU Glitter Cosmetic Bags: Outer cover made from 100% PU with a high-density foam inner layer 

3.Neoprene Bags 

Firstly, Great news for greedy people! For those who always want to stuff all the cosmetics products into a small bag. Neoprene bags are made from tough fabric, flexible and stretchy. Your extra make-up powder or concealer can always fit in that, You do not have to worry about the bags will get ripped or worn away. (That’s why Neoprene is used so widely. HAHA) 

Secondly, neoprene bags are padded and soft, ideal for fragile products. With neoprene’s cushioning, your make-up products are well-protected. Highly recommended for beach lovers too! In addition, it is lightweight and washable, the best option to go to the beach and gym. 

4.Waffle Weave Cosmetic Bags 

Making wonderful personalized cosmetics bags? Waffle Weave Cosmetic Bag is stylish and functional, great for travel and for every day. Waffle Weave dries quickly. Normally it dries up to 40% quicker than cotton. Point scored for eco-friendliness! 

Despite their initially rough-looking appearance, the waffle gets softer with each wash, it becomes incredibly soft and snugly over time. Great news for those who always accidentally split the foundation to it. 

5.Accessory Pouches 

Minimalists’ favorite! Are you bored with ordinary designs but not a big fan of some tacky stuff? Guess Semi round shaped cosmetic bag would be your thing! Accessory Pouches comes with 3 sizes, more-than-enough room for makeup and toiletries. 

Whether you need to carry a glam bag full of makeup or just a few items for your natural look, one of them will be the perfect size for your needs.

In conclusion, minimalist Cosmetic Bags designs will definitely make an impression with its use of clean lines, basic shapes and lack of clutter. Many people see and appreciate my minimal style of fashion. 


Have you thought of personalizing your cosmetics bag and having it embroidered with a first name, a sweet word, and initials? Embroidery is always a good and fun way to show off your style. For instance, you can monogram it with your initials for a simple personal touch. 

Moreover, many of today’s designers use embroidery on bags as a signature look. Using embroidery makes things unique and instantly recognizable.

In short, Personalized cosmetic bag lets everyone know you take your shopping and your makeup very seriously in a seriously cute way. 

Tip for personalizing a cosmetic bag 

1)Consider how much makeup you need to store 

Choosing the right size of bag to match the amount of cosmetic bags! To be on the safe side, we suggest you go with a bag which is slightly larger than your needs, always good to have extra room to store some back-up makeup. 


Waterproof material is the best, it helps you to prevent from leaking and breaking your makeup products. The best fabric of a cosmetic bag is Polyester, Oxford, Nylon, PVC material. In other words, those fabrics are waterproof, lightweight to carry and durable. 


The best one never goes out of style. We all have different rulers so it is hard to define what the best is. And that’s why many girls insist on customizing their own cosmetic bag.

Visit to personalize one!

P.s: Mine has some positive quotes on it, happy messages really do help when you need some positive energy to get you through your day! (It brightens your mood too!)