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How to customize fanny packs for 9 types of dads

Michael Yeung 07/20/2022 0 comments

customize fanny packs】On this special day to let him know how wonderful it is to be his kid is not easy. There are so many different ways to express your love to your old man. Picking out the perfect Father’s Day gift is the simplest and most direct way. 

To make sure that day is all about him and the one he loves most: his kids. 

Really, any father would give you the same answer, the best gift you can give is something related to you and your dad. We have rounded up plenty of ideas to customize a fanny pack for your father. 

You know, most of the dads don’t like shopping. And fanny packs absolutely are a perfect gift for cool dads! 

You can always create something more to show your gratitude for his support throughout the years. 

1. For the first-time dad
Besides, sending a gift to your father, have you thought of giving one to your hubby? Being a dad to a newborn is no joke, and thanks to him you’ve got better sleep every night (he changed diapers for your baby and put him to sleep!) 

New dad’s life is full of perfect moments. Let’s make these precious memories last. Customize a Fanny Pack that will remind them of this most cherished time in their life every time they carry it.

2. For the cool dad
My dad is a cool dad. He was my high school BFF — We played video games together, comforted me and supported me when I was going through break-ups, even taught me how to chase girls HAHA. 

On this special day for him, unlike girls, they may not be huge fans of accessories. To show him your love, you can have his favorite hobbies printed on a fanny pack, which might be—video games, skateboarding, or motorbikes, or any other hobbies that bonded you and him!

2. For the wanderlust dad
Some outdoor dads who are born to be a bird never stop at one place and are always ready for adventures. He rather goes out than stays at home and chill. He wants to try new things and go to every corner of the world with you. Because exploring the world with his kids is at the top of his wish list!

The idea for a travel-themed fanny pack is fun. You can upload an image of the city you want to go with him or the city in which both of you have wonderful memories! 

Trust us! It looks cool and definitely awesome to give him a gift which is full of great memories! You may also include the upcoming travel plans into the custom fanny pack design.

3. For the musician dad
Some dads cannot live with music, they suggest having a performance time for themselves to sing at every family gathering. 

To spice up the design, you can customize the fanny pack with their favorite musical genre or instrument, or include lyrics of their favorite song!

4. For the sweetheart dad
I bet you all have drawn your dad a happy father’s day card when you were in kindergarten as the first father’s day gift. You might have spelled ‘father’ but he still keeps it in a box which is specific for your childhood artworks, it may look terrible to you, but those are masterpieces in his eyes. 

To reminisce about all the sweet times you’ve had together, turning your childhood drawings into adorable designs for a custom fanny pack to melt his heart! 

You can upload your father’s day card and have it printed on the bag, which is more meaningful and heartfelt than a tie. 

Already threw away all the drawings? Nostalgic pics from past get-togethers will also get the job done.

5. For the party dad
A never-grow-old dad loves to go to every party with you? He grows old physically but not mentally, he still looks for fun and loves drawing attention. 

Get them a custom fanny pack that will make a conversation piece at your next family gathering. The classic slogan for the party ‘Drink Till You Drop’ or some inside jokes between you and him. 

Last but not least, anything fun will work as your dad will be working for the party anyway!

6. For a die-hard fan dad
The dads who believe that there was a special connection between you both in the past life, so that fate made you meet him again as his kid. He might yell at you when you are going through a rebellious time, but he actually is so proud of you and always your biggest fan!

Yeah, this type of dad might even be storing your milk teeth in a special box. 

You can just put your picture on the fanny pack and dad will love it. In other eyes, it might look like a prank, but there’s no better gift for him.

7. For the superhero dad
He’s just like a superhero — he appears whenever you need him. When you scream at 3 am, without a doubt, he will immediately come to your room to kill the cockroaches. If you are not good at mathematics (so is he), he definitely is willing to learn it and just for teaching you. 

‘Problem-solution dad’ deserves your compliment. Let them know how grateful you are to have him in your life. Having a superhero-themed pattern will be a great design. Try to draw one and remind them of how much you appreciate their care. It is a wonderful way to thank them for all the hard work they’ve done.

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8. For the single dad
Single parenting is a tough job, he might not be as caring as a mother is, but he really did his best. Countless sleepless nights to think about how to give you a better life. 

Giving him a custom fanny pack with a message that you want him to know is way more powerful than a ‘thank-you’! A great way to express gratitude and make them feel special.