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How it works

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Fill in the form thru START SELLING to get 2022 Trend Book

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Create and Sell Custom Bags Online

Outstanding printing quality in the market

Print-on-demand with no minimum order

Dropshipping worldwide

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How it works

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MakeTotebags offers customized bags for you or your customers to design.
We handle production and delivery, so you need NO stock if you are a reseller. And there’s no MOQ (minimum order quantity).

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If you are a customer:

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Pick bags you like under PRODUCTS page.

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Click the CUSTOMIZE button to design your own bag.

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Upload an image or images, enter some text or choose from existed designs, insert to the bag and click ‘DONE’.

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Go to CART on top right corner of the site and check out

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Just wait your bags at home and relax.

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If you are an e-shop owner:

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Click the I AM A RESELLER button on any product page or START SELLING here.

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Fill the information in the form and submit. We will contact you with Business Plan and Price Card ASAP. (Usually within 2 business days)

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