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Customize your fanny pack – a right color for your OOTD

Michael Yeung 12/21/2021 0 comments

Whether we realize it or not, color of bag can have a major impact on our OOTD. You hold a strong power when creating your own custom designs. You can invoke emotions, convey messages, and inspire change through color theory and print design. Let’s see what sparkles you can make with custom fanny pack.

It’s important to understand basic color theory and design. Every design must hold meaning. Be mindful of the colors when you customizing the bag. The color should match your personality, style, or the outfits that you like.

Put enamel or acrylic pins on your pack to add style! Either with fun sayings or cute characters, you can also pick out patches like stars, flowers, kittens, or even your own name! It can make it all yours!

Click here to see MakeToteBags‘ design

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What color should I go with for my Fanny Pack?

Customization is not limited to designers, you don’t even have to be a professional photographer. As long as you have a sense of art, you can customize your own bag. Visit free image website and download your favorite ones, you may find them suitable for your own design bag.

Black Fanny Pack

Black goes with anything. If you are going to use it every day, pick out a solid-colored one! Also, black is considered sporty or athletic, bring it to the gym room or hiking!

Pink, red Fanny Pack

Pink and red are gender colors. To add a bit of femininity to a more masculine outfit. Pairing a fanny pack with those colors to your outfit will be a big plus!

Yellow Waist Bag

Yellow is quite a versatile color and a top choice for colorful accessories.Great mood booster too! Not used to wearing bright colored outfits? You can start with pairing yellowpacks with neutral clothing and gold jewelry. Trust me, you will enjoy it!

Green Bum Bag

A neutral color which is always a great color to experiment with. Goes with almost everything and turns up the volume of an outfit in one fell swoop.

Small Tips: Don’t forget to match cool colored greens with cool colors and warm colored greens with warm colors.