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Affiliate Program

Become an MTB Affiliate

Join our Affiliate Program to earn extra passive income, an income that you would be earning while you are sleeping. Link new customers to MTB and get 20% of their MTB order value! Start earning from the first order your customer makes, and keep receiving commission for 12 months.

Why join the MakeToteBag Affiliate program

Welcome to the team!

In this lesson, we will be talking about how the MakeToteBag Affiliate program works and how new beginners get started!

Here’s the course outline:

  1. Affiliate marketing for beginners
  2. How the MTB Affiliate Program Works
  3. How to advertise MTB to your audience
  4. Affiliate marketing regulations to follow

1. Affiliate marketing for beginners

Joining an affiliate program is one of the best ways to earn passive income from an online platform. And for both new and established online retailers, it is one of the top advertising channels.

How it works:

Affiliate partners earn high commissions from promoting MakeToteBag products or services. We reward them for every new customer they’ve attracted and every sale they make via their promotion. The sales are tracked via affiliate links from one website to another.

Difference between referral marketing and affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing and referral marketing both help to drive new customers to a business through recommendations. They are just slightly different:

Affiliate marketing:
The marketer doesn’t know their referred customer personally.

Referral marketing:
They have specific target audiences. Usually promoting the brand to people they know.

b. How to get started with affiliate marketing

There are two types of affiliate programs.

Type 1: In-house affiliate programs

  • You’re connected to one particular company

Type 2: Programs hosted on affiliate networks

  • You can be part of multiple affiliate marketing programs using one account

MakeToteBag offers in-house affiliate programs. We handle all the affiliate payouts and provide tracking and reporting tools, so you can keep track of their efforts and take the stats as a reference to see which ways will suit your promotion better.

Build an affiliate website and start creating content
Before officially being an affiliate, you need to build a website for spreading all those promotional messages.

2. How the MTB Affiliate Program Works

Commission RateEarn 20% commission on every order for 12 months
Cookie window days30 days
Payment methodPayPal
Payment time after a purchasePayments are made via PayPal in USD within 1-3 business days after your request is received.
Minimum withdrawal amountUSD $100
Commission due dateCommission will be due if it is not withdrawn from the balance within 1 (one) year   If the account balance does not exceed $100 USD, then no referral commission will be due.

3. How to advertise MTB to your audience

How to advertise MTB to your audience - MTB Affiliate Program

a. How to write a blog article

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to create affiliate marketing blog articles, landing pages, and more.

Wanna be a popular affiliate and boost your earning potential? The first thing you need to do is to make your affiliate blog post to be something outstanding. Try the below methods:

The content could be educational, start with thinking about the questions your audience will be asking and answer those questions

✓ Below topic will help make your content informative

“Costs of starting a bag company”

“How to generate passive income with tote bags”, etc.

✓ Comparison of MTB and other POD drop shippers

Take a look at our advantages, it may help you get an idea of what to mention in your post.

1) We are backed by QP Group — A publicly listed company with more than 35 years of experience.

2) We uphold the highest standards in both our operations and business practices. Our efforts are recognized by different certification programs.

3) We carefully select merchants to cooperate to ensure mutual benefit

✓ Your personal experience with MTB

  • Talk about why you recommend using it
  • In-depth product and service reviews

*Could review a MakeToteBag service or product that your audience might appreciate.

Any other type of content is welcome

You can do any content, as long as your audiences are into it. Not only from the B2B angle, you can also promote MakeToteBag to someone who likes making custom one-offs for themselves.

Talk about MakeToteBag features

e.g: MTB product personalization tool, e-commerce integrations, the mockup generator, tracking and reporting tool, a wide range of products customers can choose from, etc.

High-Efficient and time-saving method to earn money

Once anyone orders your products, MakeToteBag will be taking care of the whole fulfillment process for you, all you need to do is to sit back and earn money. Woohoo~

Spruce up your affiliate content
MakeToteBag provides some visuals, you can put them in your article to help you explain the production process and enrich the content. 

A landing page is another way to promote your affiliate link. Once the page is up on your site, link it in your social media posts, blogs, and emails.

Spruce up your affiliate content - MTB Affiliate Program

b. Social media promotion strategies

Social media networks are open to all, giving businesses the to see what interests their customers the most. This helps you know more about your target audience, behaviors, and interests. You will become better at your digital marketing strategies to attract potential customers and meet their demands.

Social media helps to generate brand awareness, sell inventory and increase customer engagement. Here are some ideas for you to make good use of social networks to promote your affiliate link to reach out to your target audience.

Publish a story with a link explaining how MakeToteBag works
Post a photo of products custom-printed by MakeToteBag.

Share MakeToteBag-related content on your personal and/or business account—from quick shoutouts to updates from MakeToteBag’s Facebook page

Participate in Facebook groups or create one yourself

Not good at writing articles? You can share ours. All you have to do is type a short description; don’t forget to put the affiliate link as well!

Quora and Reddit
People get more conversions, leads, and traffic from discussion sites. In order to get more potential customers, you have to be active on those sites.

But you can’t do a hard sell of the products. To get the audience’s attention, you need them to like what you say.

To have your article be both broad and specific when searching for subreddits related to your niche.

For example, if you are planning to teach how homemakers earn passive income in their spare time via MakeToteBag, you’d want to check out:

  1. /r/passiveincome/
  2. /r/Mom/
  3. /r/workfromhome/

Below are factors you will need to consider before joining the subreddit:

  • The number of subscribers to the subreddit
  • Trending topics within the subreddit
  • The amount of recent activity within the forum

You’d also want to check out subreddits that relate to your niche in a more indirect way. Using the example from above,  /r/ecommerce, and /r/smallbusiness  might also be full of potential leads.


Create YouTube tutorials on how to start selling with MakeToteBag. Remember to mention all steps to be useful teaching materials to your audience.

You can start with these topics: “How to choose and integrate an E-commerce platform with MakeToteBag”, and “How to add products and set up your store”.

Last but not least, Many people like to share their thoughts and personal experience in a product review or unboxing video, focusing on the printing, product quality, fulfillment times, and product lineup. If you are planning to do one, remember being honest in your videos is important!

c. How to drive traffic to your content

You may have some problems getting traffic at the beginning, but paid advertising is one of the ways to tackle this issue.

Drive traffic method

To boost traffic and get your blog article or social media post noticed, you may try the following methods.

An obvious choice. More than just a social medium, it’s a key platform for online ads targeting and creativity work wonders.

Google Ads
Another option is promoting your content on Google Ads. Here are a few tips to use Google Adwords to Promote Your Content.

Google AdWords campaigns allow you to show your content to people who are searching for keywords that are relevant to that content. By running AdWords, you’re able to capitalize on the intent that this audience is showing to learn more about a certain topic.

Some stat shows that email marketing influences people’s purchase behavior. 77% of B2C customers prefer email to other methods of marketing. People purchase 138% more goods via EDM than through other marketing methods.

3X more likely to share your content on social media when they get it in a B2C email marketing campaign

d. Deep linking 101

Specific content gets a better conversion rate. A great way to boost conversions is by deep linking—linking to a specific piece of content rather than a site’s homepage.

Here are some MakeToteBag landing pages with high conversion rates you might like to use for your affiliate marketing campaigns:

4. Affiliate marketing regulations to follow

Affiliate marketing regulations to follow - MTB Affiliate Program

a. MakeToteBag Affiliate Terms of Service

When creating blog articles, social media posts, videos, or any other online content that features your MakeToteBag affiliate link, whatever you publish must be in line with our brand image and in keeping with MakeToteBag ‘s Terms of Service, especially Acceptable Content Guidelines.

Sites, where you promote your links, cannot be associated with any content that can be considered vulgar, racist, sexual, or otherwise deemed offensive by MakeToteBag.

You must make your messages honest and purposeful, for example:

Start your t-shirt business with MTB
Build your brand with MTB

For more affiliate do’s and don’ts, please consult our Affiliate Terms of Service.

b. FTC guidelines

Another ground rule when creating MakeToteBag affiliate content is to be compliant with the US Federal Trade Commission guidelines regarding affiliate disclosure.

The FTC requires that you properly disclose your relationship with the business you’re endorsing. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a commission, a flat fee payment, free products, or a discount, you receive—they’re all means of compensation for endorsing a product online. If you fail to disclose this relationship, either you or the business you’re endorsing could get fined.

According to the FTC, the fact that you’re promoting affiliate content should be “clear and conspicuous”. However, it depends on where you’re promoting. For example, on Twitter and Instagram, adding a “#sponsored” or “#ad” could do the trick—there’s limited space for an in-depth disclosure.

There’s no prescribed format for disclosing the relationship on Facebook, blog posts, or other online content. We encourage you to visit the FTC site to learn more.

Wrap up


We hope you enjoyed our Affiliate Lessons! If you have any questions or thoughts, just shoot us an email! – [email protected]

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