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About Us

Our Mission – Be the Best Print-on-Demand Provider for Custom Bags (MTB) is the leading e-commerce platform providing fully personalized bags with featured structures, premium materials, and printing quality. MTB always aims at optimizing the production process to provide a smooth and enjoyable POD experience to small to medium quantity ordered wholesalers and retailers. That is also why we provide a multi-shipment function to let customers split the different quantities of goods in one order into multiple shipments with different delivery addresses.

At MTB, bags are sonnets that smart structures are given, but you have to write the sonnets yourself. MTB also welcome orders from individuals with even just one item in an order, your favorite bag is just one click away! We hope MTB Customization will bring you joy and a Hassle-free journey.

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To be the customer’s first choice

MTB strives to produce the highest quality of bags. We make bags unique and just for you. By offering a wide range of features and styles in bags with each customer to create the best custom bags to meet their requirement.

With a huge selection of bag styles, easy and fast ordering and no minimum orders, MakeToteBags is backed by a public listed company with more than 35 years’ experience. Our experienced team has been gaining printing experience since 1985 and is passionate about delivering personalization and high-quality service for our customers.

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Free setup & never any hidden charges

MakeToteBags makes it easy and fast to customize your order with everything from pattern and color, to the personalized messaging printed on the bags. We respond quickly to any questions on designing your personalized bags.

Need help? Talk to our team!

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We value your choice

Personalization provides a connection to your personal stuff. It is more than a design— Makes you feel that the bag is special, unlike the rest that you can find on the market.

Personalization can only be yours and is something that can represent you. It is specific to your interests, which makes you feel that you have dominion over what you’re engaging with.


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It represents your attitude to life and your personality

Everyone wants to have things that serve them by knowing them. That is what exactly MakeToteBag is doing. For you to customize a bag which is 100% from your preference— Based on what you might be looking for.

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Makes people feel connected

Personalized stuff allows people to connect to it. We enjoy interacting with what is relevant to us and our lives.

Personalized gift has one super function – It reminds people of further emotions attached to the person or experience in which the gift was gained. It makes all great memories last forever. All through one heartfelt gift.

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Provides POD and Fulfilment Services

Share your great ideas with us!

Open a store to show and sell all your masterpieces. No service charges! Your ingenious design deserves the biggest applause and gains more appreciation.

MakeToteBags simplifies the whole production process and provides a user-friendly system for you! Ensure your business takes low risk, and you are no longer facing inventory problems!

We turn your ideas into products. The whole journey is automated, so that you don’t have to worry that you miss out any order.

Whenever you receive the order, the profit will directly go to your bank account— No upfront fees needed!

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