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A Custom Clutch Purse to Carry Wherever You Go

Brian Man 04/08/2021 0 comments

Design your Custom Clutch Bags: A Custom Clutch purse is an indispensable accessory for your OOTD. You can have your image, your favorite color, as well as a life quote on it.

Your bag, your design

Yeah, I feel you… When you do not need to carry many daily necessities with you, there is the hardest battle inside your heart between bringing a bag and just holding those stuff by hand.

That’s why you need a clutch bag — which definitely is what you need when you go on a small day trip or when attending evening parties.

Free from straps or handles, the Clutch bag is compact and is usually used for evening occasions to carry minimal essentials like a phone, credit cards, or cosmetic items.

Indeed, the functional yet versatile, lightweight, and stylish clutch bag is a great compromise between a handbag and a wallet.

Firstly, The clutch can also be placed inside a larger handbag for better organization, as a travel make-up bag or placed inside luggage for a better-organized suitcase.

Secondly, the custom clutch bag is an ideal choice to pair with your outfit for the evening or carry conveniently with you on a small shopping trip.

A perfect sized bag for you to keep your essentials! Our personalized clutch purse comes in two sizes, enough space to carry all the items you need and not to be a burden to you at the same time. 

A custom clutch purse is more than just a bag!

Furthermore, the Clutch purse is made from durable polyester cloth: resistant to most chemicals, stretching and shrinking, wrinkle-resistant, and abrasion-resistant.

In other words, it is also very quick drying. It comes with a sturdy black wrist strap and a black zipper for a secure closure, keeping your essentials safe and sound whilst you’re having fun. 

Custom Clutch purse specifications: 

Upload your designs, text, or photos to complement your style

Different or same design(s) on each side

Size options: 5″ x 8″ and 5.5″ x 10″

A sturdy black wrist strap and black zipper functions as a top closure to keep your essentials safe and sound

A perfect Day or night accessory storing credit cards, cash, coins, makeup, cell phones.

And also some small essentials for lunch with the girls, shopping with friends, or a night out on the town.

Without a doubt, a custom clutch purse is perfect alone by holding your essentials without weighing you down! Or tucked inside another bag with a perfect size to accompany any bag or purse.

Must-bring items in a clutch bag for women

A clutch bag is a perfect option for someone who wants to be minimal and just carries the essentials for a night out. So here is the check-list, if you have all the below items in your clutch bag, you are good to go, let’s have fun gals!

ID And Debit/Credit Card/ Cash

I know paying bills by cards is common and easy, but some places do not accept cards. Do remember to keep some cash in your purse.

Cosmetic product for Touch-up 

Personally, I will put face powder and a small brush in my clutch bag. You know every time after eating is a makeup touch-up time! (Who doesn’t want to look great in front of her date!)

AND undoubtedly……Not a perfect date night If you are not wearing lipstick, remember to keep one in your clutch bag too! 

Mini Perfume

Good perfume never fails in giving you amazing results on your date night. Trust us! Your beloved one will not be able to keep a distance from you 

Mints or Gum

This is just common courtesy to those around you.