Where to Order Your Custom Tote Bags and Go Shopping in Style?

custom tote bags at MTB

Where to Order Your Custom Tote Bags and Go Shopping in Style?

We all want to look fabulous every time going out. Who doesn’t want to be fashionable and cool 24/7? Many daily items now allow customizations, so you can have them unique to you, like custom tote bags. You may not change to a brand new outfit every day, but you can always carry a different bag to suit your mood and style.

Start Design Your Bags from the Trending Pick

There are always free or bonus tote bags from shopping. However, they usually look boring and even ugly. So, why not add a custom tote bag to your fashion collection?

Even better, a custom tote bag is such a good gift idea for your family and friends. You can tailor-make the design for the recipient and the bag is so practical for any purpose.

If you happen to be an artist/designer, you can sell custom tote bags to your followers/fans with us (via QPMN plugins and SnapShop, both are FREE).

Change habits and help save the environment

Disposable plastic bags have been essential in our lives, noticeably in grocery shopping. You are going to miss how convenient and handy they are whenever needed. However, our environment has been suffering and damaged after these years.

People quickly come up with a replacement in the form of custom tote bags. Over time, we have established a habit of bringing a tote bag along when going out. It looks like a small step, but it is nonetheless positive.

Since tote bags have become such essential accessories to us, let’s make them better, and superior to those cheap disposable bags. Don’t settle for the free tote bags, that are easy to be worn or torn, and have the printing faded away over time. If they need to be replaced regularly, then it is simply not helping the environment at all.

With our eco-friendly custom tote bags, we can always go out in style and enjoy more while shopping, at work, or on short trips. To make it distinguishable, you can even personalize a few things here and there… It is easier than you think.

rPet is commonly used recycled materials for our bags, read more for What is rPET? Why does it matter to support those products?

Features/Advantages of using a custom tote bag

Tote bags are the closest alternative to disposable plastic bags, yet they are better in many ways. People are reluctant to switch habits and need the incentive to help convince them to use tote bags consistently.

Our custom tote bags are made closer to a handbag or shoulder bag, than an ordinary plastic bag. They are more like fashionable accessories, while plastic bags never are. Not only have the tote bags brought styles to you, but it is also capable of all the functions of plastic bags, if not better.


Eco-friendly materials

Speaking about protecting our environment, there would be no reason to switch to tote bags, if they are not eco-friendly at all. Most of our custom tote bags are made of recycled plastic materials.

It is a responsibility for all of us: While shopping is essential, we can also help as much as possible to reduce the harm to our Earth.

The materials and production are eco-friendly, and the products bring sustainability. Therefore, the purchase of tote bags also means support for the environment. It helps reduce waste, as water bottles and food containers are given a second life. They become a useful custom tote bag, which can last long and serve us for years.


The canvas used to build our custom tote bags is robust and strong. It is durable, dirt-proof, and semi-water-resistant, which makes them perfect for any outdoor activities. If you are looking for a 

There are various designs to select from at our store, while some may have different color options. Our designers keep bringing in new options, just to make sure that everyone can find their best fit. The evergreen Canvas Tote Bag with embroidery made from 16oz canvas is a good example. 

16oz Canvas Tote Bag with embroidery


Usually, the designs are printed on the canvas of these bags. It is the most common, which has the concerns of fading out or cracking after many washes. Here we bring you something completely different…

Bayan Custom Embroidery - Full Name
Bayan Custom Embroidery – Full Name

Some of our custom tote bags are available for characters embroidered on the flap or strap. The characters are limited to two characters, and it is perfect for having your initials or nickname there.

The different texture is going to create a different look, along with the high-quality printed patterns or designs on the canvas.

Canvas tote bag with embroidery

We understand that some people may prefer things minimalistic. This simplistic canvas tote bag fits the bill, while also providing a wide range of options. There are 10 different colors for selection for the strap.

The overlapped seams are double-stitched, making them strong enough to handle heavy loads. Besides, there is a zipper at the top to keep your belongings secure.


Nobody likes things that are bulky and heavy, especially going out and shopping. It simply means inconvenience and annoyance, and this is the reason why many people still miss plastic bags…

This foldable custom tote bags will be a good fit for you. You can fold it up into palm size when unused. It is small and lightweight, so you can easily carry it and stay organized.

Custom Foldable Tote Bags with Embroidery Letters

Even though the bag looks small after being folded, it actually offers large storage space after being expanded. This is your ideal companion for traveling, daily shopping, or work. It is strong enough to bring clothing items, essential accessories, and small electronic devices.

Some custom tote bag designs at our store

Make Your Pet Collection

Our make your pet collection includes cute designs in Standing Cat, Comic Cat, Rainbow Cat, and Shiba Dogs. You can pick a cute character, something dramatic or funny.

make your pet tote bags

After selecting your favorite design, we offer a few customizable options on top. For example, you can change to different cat bodies, eyes, mouths, and backgrounds. This gives you the freedom to create a cartoon character of your beloved pet.

Floral print

If you are living in cities, I bet you may miss nature at times. Among all the related themes, flowers may be the most popular. Here we bring you different color combinations to match any style.

You should find one that suits you from the list of blue, dark grey, light yellow, orange, pink, and purple.

Dark Grey foldable tote bag with embroidery letters

Some other designs

Sometimes, we just want something casual or arbitrary. Don’t miss some irregular patterns, including Graffiti Tag and Tie Dye Geometric Patterns. They definitely change what you think about tote bags…

Or, do you fancy the Hong Kong style? Red White Blue would bring you back the memory of this trademark bag of HK in the old days…

Shoulder bag

If you prefer a more traditional handbag replacement, then you should check out these shoulder bag types.

Custom Handbag or Crossbody with Embroidery

This is not the plain black or brown color that you often see. Again, our designers have brought you some special color combinations. Users can also customize a few things on top to make it exclusive to you, including pocket colors and sewing thread colors.

Here is a main difference from the above: There is a zipped compartment outside, which is handy for storing small items, like keys.

Crossbody tote bags

This is another traditional option, which is made of cotton-canvas fabric. You can have characters embroidered on the strap, which is ideal for your initials. It has multiple choices of fonts and colors, such as blue, black, and brownish red.

Crossbody tote bag - MTB
16oz cotton-canvas fabric Crossbody tote bag – MTB

There are a few features separated from other tote bags here. It consists of a zipper at the top for better security, as well as a long strap designed for wearing crossbody or carrying on a shoulder.

Start Design Your Bags from the Trending Pick

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