Comic Pet Tote Bag: Go shopping in a cute style!

create your own cat with MTB

1+1 = 2? It is always true… but here we introduce you to a comic pet design tote bag (or shoulder bag), and these two together are going to give you more.

Recycled bags have become very much essential items in our lives. In recent years, we are all trying hard to save our environment. Some of the obvious acts are to cut down the use of plastic bags and use items that are made of recycled materials.

Okay, since we are all bringing our own bags nowadays, why not get one that looks both lovely and fashionable?

The trend and practicality of using tote bags

Items like tote bags have become alternatives to disposable options. However, some tote bags have a little shortcoming or disadvantage: They often look too simple and casual. They are great for grocery shopping, but sometimes, you may prefer a more formal model for other uses or situations…

This time, we have brought a shoulder bag version for everyone. It would be perfect for some more serious occasions, like meeting people, going to work, and other formal scenarios.

To make it more fun, the tote bag has a theme that everyone should love: comic pets in cats and dogs. Sure, pet lovers would be eager to get one! But, after seeing their cute looks, I bet anyone else would be tempted in having one of your own too.

Comic pet tote bag is just cuter!

We know everyone loves animals, even though not all are friendly and lovely. Cats and dogs are no doubt among most people’s favorites.

On the other hand, everything seems to look nicer and more likable after making it a cartoon. Even if it shows an angry face, it may actually look pretty sweet…

This is a good idea for all the pet lovers in the world: Let’s simulate your beloved pets into some cartoon characters. Every time, when you see it on the bag surface, it is going to put a smile on your face and make your day.

Not the ordinary shoulder bag here…

Our shoulder bag here is different from an ordinary tote bag. This is more stylish and elegant, good for all occasions.

  • Handle: It is basically a shoulder bag, which you can carry over your shoulder or hold the long handles. It brings the same convenience as a normal tote bag, allowing you to fold it up and take it with you in a pocket or a fanny pack. If you happen to go shopping or need to store anything, just expand it to full size, and then you have a decent shoulder bag.
  • Flap: But, here comes another big difference from most tote bags: There is a flap with a button that helps close the opening. So, you do not easily drop any items out when flipping your bag over … yes, it saves you from a disaster.
  • Inner compartment: Inside, there is a big partition with a zipper, for storage of small items, like keys, tissue paper, USB drive, phone cable or charger. Keep everything organized and safe at all times!

Overall, if you think the common tote bags are too shabby, then this shoulder bag would be the best replacement. The style is great for more serious circumstances, like a handbag or travel bag.

Even better, don’t forget the cute cartoon pet on the surface! It is going to bring you a smile, every time you see the character you create. There are a few customizable options like many of our products, for instance, the latest World Cup 2022 Fanny Pack collection. Please see below for more detail.

Design your own Comic Pet Tote Bag

Customers like personalized products, which make them unique. We understand that nobody likes the hassles to learn some complicated steps to design, and we bring you an interface that is a balance of customizability and ease to use.

First of all, you can select from a few templates, for example, “Comic Cat” or “Standing Cat”. Then, hit the “CUSTOMIZE” button and enter the Product Designer, where you have a few elements to add to the bag surface and flap area. From this moment, you are the designer of this comic pet tote bag, and in charge from here…

Personalize with messages or images

You have the option of uploading your own images and having them printed on the bag together with the comic pet, the same as many of our products. Simply select your files from your computer, and then position/resize them on the canvas.

There are two text options for this particular tote bag: for the main body of the bag and the flap, respectively.

  • Your canvas on the main body: This is basically the same as our other products. You can write any messages, and control the font, size, colors and so on. It could be your favorite quote or motto, or a special message for your loved one.
  • Embroidered text on the Flap: The text here is actually in the form of embroidery. Due to the limited space, it is restricted to two letters only (a single character on either side of the button), and this seems to be the perfect place for your (or your pet’s) initials.

Create your favorite cat or dog character and more…

Finally, here comes the main theme of this product series. Here you can select the body of either a cat or dog. You have the option to pick its colors/styles from over 20 colors or speckles/patterns. Feel free to try how each looks before settling on your favorite design, or pick one that matches your pet the most…

Then, there are other sections where you can customize: eyes, mouth, hat, and background. We have made things super simple without overwhelming anyone here. Click and select a template, which will be automatically placed at a fixed position on the canvas. You do not need to drag and drop and risk messing it up with clumsy fingers.

Watching cartoons for years, we all know that the eyes and mouth are keys to making some dramatic changes in facial expression. From cheerful to sad, from furious to sneaky, from curious to crazy, from disgusted to surprised,…


You can select from winks, opened eyes, “semi-opened” eyes, closed eyes and more. More preciously, there are eyes that show different looks and moods: dazzling, bewildered, dazed, innocent, restless, stunned and so forth. They provide enough freedom to show any kind of emotion.


Likewise, the mouth has plenty of options as well, helping you build a unique personality here. As an example, there are several different choices available for smiles. Otherwise, you can pick a mouth part to represent any feelings, e.g. surprise, fear, delight, anxiety, nervousness, hatred, or a look of hesitation.


On top of the facial expressions, placing a hat on the head could add another twist to the character. From a wizard hat to a Mexican sombrero, from a baseball cap to a beanie, from a graduation cap to a party hat, etc… It is all up to you, to make the entire look fun, cute, cool, or bizarre.


Last but not least, there is the background for selection which fills the entire bag surface. There is a giant paw to make things a little scary, or you can adopt a subtle pattern design to stay low-profile on the street. The background has options to resize or rotate… as said, it is unique!

Please note that the canvas you design in the builder is going to apply on both sides of the bag.


After an item becomes essential in our lives, the next step is to make it fashionable and trendy.

There are times that you may happen to need a container to take or bring something. In some situations, when an ordinary tote bag seems to be awkward, this foldable shoulder bag version could come to the rescue.

It is lightweight and handy to bring along with you, or have it around, just in case. After expanding, it is big enough to store more items than expected. The product is firm and strong enough to hold something heavy.

Don’t forget that there is an option to add such a comic cat or dog to the bag. You can personalize the character the way you like, with a few simple steps. For pet lovers, let’s create a cartoon version of your pet, and print it there.

If you are looking for a practical tote bag/shoulder bag for any occasion, don’t miss this new product series here. More items will be made available in the future…

Have fun designing your own cat and dog characters, as well as enjoy every time picking up this unmatched comic pet tote bag!

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