Bags for Woman: Latest trends in bags 2022

Why is a bag as important as clothes? 

You have an intimate relationship with your handbags.

Hug and Hold your bag for the bulk of your day — A key element of your outfit and your impression. It is also an additional feature to tell more about your style, sense of confidence and approach to life.

To complete your personal style and overall look and outfit, you may want to know more the dominant handbag colors of 2021. Scroll down and see how to match your bag to your outfit well!

1. Black

Black represents Timeless Sustainable Style, all-time favorite classic choice of color and fits all casual or business attire. Most people see black as a sophisticated, formal color. It is considered more expensive looking and luxurious than other colors and associated with concepts like elegance, stability and authority.

Some people go for black handbag simply because they can’t pick a favorite color or are fearful of colors clashing. 

It’s always great to wear a bag which has the same color as your outfit or shoes. Speaking of shoes, black bags look awesome with motorcycle boots as well as hot heels or sexy thigh high boots.

Black Handbag Outfits suggestion:

1.Black leather biker jacket & black leather ankle boots 

2.Pink coat & white leather pumps

3.Cami dress & Navy denim ankle boots

2. Brown  

Never being out of fashion trend!  Brown is an earthy color that can go with almost any color. It is a treasured accessory in the modern woman’s wardrobe, for work and for casual wearing.

We have prepared the answer for a few frequent questions about brown color bags and that may help you choose your OOTD!

Q: Can I wear a brown handbag in Summer?

A: Sure! You can even tie a scarf around the handle if you want to brighten it up

Q: What shoes go well with a brown bag?

A: The most common combination is a brown bag with black shoes. Matching a bag with your shoes used to be a fashion rule. However,nowadays our bags and shoes do not need to match.

Brown handbag Outfits suggestion:

1.Dark Blue Denim

2. brown pants and a pink top

3.brown pants and an aqua top

3. Red

Most people carry a red bag in fall and winter. But personally I think red is considered as seasonless color and you can carry a red purse any time of the year and remain stylish

You can always count on a red bag to make your outfit pop without being too bold. A popular styling trick to elevate a neutral outfit. 

Red is probably the most neutral of the colors, goes with everything as it’s essentially a seasonless color. A color of bag you can easily carry all four seasons. 

What outfit goes with red handbag?

In general, a red bag truly goes with anything except yellow or orange. Here is our suggestion.

An outfit in the following colors: navy blue, white, ivory, beige, camel.

Bold and unusual combinations: with violet or with fuchsia. 

Red handbag Outfits suggestion: print biker jacket & silver leather oxford shoes.

2.Red leopard long sleeve blouse & red suede pumps

3.A light blue short sleeve shirt & black leather pumps.

4. Green

Some people would want to play it safe and never carry a green color bag. Going for a green handbag will never go out of style, there’s something about this hue that makes any bag look incredibly modern.

Bring some green to your look to turn up the volume of an outfit, a green handbag does just that in one go.

Green and navy work especially nicely together if you’re going for an elegant, sober look. That makes it perfect for the office or work-related events. Our TIV handbag, in forest green, strikes that perfect professional tone. Its shape is clean and unpretentious. Its color adds that indelible green allure.

For a more casual look, the green color bag pairs beautifully with jeans and a black shirt. 

You can also go for the ultimate urban look with a pair of trendy sneakers.

5. Mustard yellow

If you are looking for some colorful accessories,  Mustard yellow is always the first option that comes to my mind. 

Mustard yellow is quite a versatile color, i suggest you to pair yellow handbags with neutral clothing and gold jewelry.

Yellow is a happy color and a lot more versatile than you think. Try pair with greens, purples and oranges as color is paired with the one against on the color wheel. Warm undertones such as browns, beiges also look stunning paired with green bags.

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