Personalized coin purse: Keeping your coins silent in a playful way

‘Sorry, we only accept cards and mobile payments.’ A cashier said when he saw you taking out your coin purse. Many stores are going cashless, but cards are not always king, some shops still accept cash only. 

Have you ever grabbed the wrong coin purse? I did it once. That was after having dinner with my best friend and we were sitting on a shared table with strangers.

 I did not notice that I had the same coin purse as the girl who was sitting next to me, and the most embarrassing thing happened — I accidentally grabbed hers.

People like branded stuff, so was I. I was so obsessed with that. I used to buy a new purse every 3 months when I was in high school. My classmates used to talk a lot about the new product of my favourite brand, I felt that I had to do something to catch up with them. 

Now that I am a grown-up and look back, I have no idea why I needed to spend so much to make myself trendy, but I guess most of the people have a crazy past.

Personalization is the trend 

I successfully broke this bad habit after I graduated from university.  With the rise of online shopping, personalised gifts have become more common, and it is a great opportunity for us to develop creativity. 

I used to love buying coin purses before I got my favourite one — a personalized coin purse. 

Last year I received a custom coin purse from my boyfriend. Believe it or not, he was never good at art but this custom coin purse really is a masterpiece. 

He chose the picture of us together on our first date and another one of us three years later, we both gained weight but still look so happy together. I bursted into tears when I received it. Greatest surprise I have ever had! Personalized gifts are something that I will keep with me forever.

Keep the change in a stylish custom coin purse 

Carrying loose change is something that everyone does on an everyday basis. Do it in style!

The whole process of personalizing is enjoyable. MakeToteBag provides a user-friendly tool for you to personalise coin purses, where you can upload a photo and get it printed onto a purse. 

All printing and production are done in house by our experienced staff with quality being the highest on our agenda. Design your own coin purse now and see how easy it is to do.

2 forms of MTB personalized coin purse 

  1.  having the same photo and design printed on both sides and 
  2. Adding different designs to both sides of your purse.
    -Moreover, we also offer collage photo coin purses,  you can add more than just one or two photos.

You can also choose to add a message or two too using our fully functional text editor choosing from a variety of font types, colors and sizes.

3 types of personalized coin purse

(this part for michael to put some sample pics here)

Coin Purse

Coin Purse Keychain

Heart-Shaped Coin Purse

Put all your coins into a personally designed coin purse

Buying the generic gifts is boring, if you are struggling to find the perfect gift, time to consider personalizing a gift. 

Personalized coin purses are great gifts to give to friends and family or can be used by businesses as practical promotional client gifts. 

Coin purses are a perfect and very versatile accessory. And we can use it for any kind of bag and store those small items that we don’t want to lose in large accessories.

1)Mother’s day

Mothers are more beautiful than words could ever express. I used to give my mom flowers on mother’s day. Not sure if she liked flowers but that was the only way I could think of showing her that I appreciate her!

There are many types of mother’s Day gifts. Flowers, store-bought cards, and spa gift certificates are nice, but after so many years, traditional options can get tired. 

MakeToteBag provides a user-friendly tool for you to personalise a coin purse. With touching messages, a we-fie of you and her or a picture when she was pregnant. Enough to show how blessed you are to be brought to this wonderful world. 

Mushy messages are not your thing? Think of what she likes, her hobbies and particular obsession. Heard that someone printed the pictures of a cat on a coin purse for her cat-obsessed mother. As a result it made that one of greatest gifts her mother has ever received!

2)Birthday/ Anniversary Gift for Girlfriend or Wife

‘Can you spend more time with me?’. 

‘I want to see your face right now’.

She is not clingy, she just wants more attention! Let her know how much she means to you! Undoubtedly, it is important to give her security. 

Have you thought of printing your picture on a custom coin purse to ‘accompany her’ every second? And some more romantic messages or inside jokes?

Guys are always not good at expressing their love, so may be sending her a personalised gift could be your love language?

Girls will appreciate and feel loved if you spend time on personalizing a gift for her.

With this in mind, the best way to let her know that you are just busy fighting for a bright future for both of you, instead of spending time with other girls!

3) Bridal gift

When your friend gets married, it is not only her big day. Since you are a bridal-party-level friend, it is a magical moment to you too – seeing your bestie find her Mr. right! 

Without a doubt, your bestie deserves to be showered with love, I guess a personalized and thoughtful gift will show the bride-to-be just how well you know her style. 

Personalizing coin purses helps to add splurge-worthy elements and creativeness, which will pair perfectly with anything on her wedding registry.

Whether you want to put the picture of both of you on it to celebrate the friendship, such as a passed out picture of her after high school graduation party.

It’s particularly fun for the bride to be surprised by a personalized gift that she might not think of for herself. 

4) Baby’s shower

Whether you are going to attend a baby shower or know a couple who have just announced the great news, a custom coin purse is a meaningful gift for a baby boy or girl, as well as celebrating this major life change of parents-to-be!

On the other hand, some apps help to predict how the future baby would look like. Just simply submit the pictures of parents. Printing the faces of your baby at different ages on the purse could be fun. 

5)Event Souvenir/ practical promotional client gifts

Exchanging business cards at large networking events is important. When you are meeting with potential clients, it is a good way for you to get across their contact information. 

Large networking events can be overwhelming at times with so many names and faces to remember.

In other to impress your potential clients, promotional items are essential tools for ensuring their brand and services are remembered. 

Promotional gifts can display all your contact information, the same as a business card however you’re presenting a potential client with something of use to them. 

Do not worry that Custom coin purse is too personal, it can also be used for other purposes. In short, it is always good to have a purse to organize all the small items. 

In most cases, printing business motto helps your potential clients understand more about the vision of your company, or some fun facts will help clients to remember your company.

In fact, outstanding gift ensures you are one step ahead of the competition and beat all the competitors. 

Other usage for a Custom Coin purse:

  • Spare change
  • First-aid kit
  • Store hair accessories
  • Phone chargers
  • Hold extra batteries
  • Mini sewing kit
  • Hold Mom’s monthly needs
  • Mini wallet
  • USB keys (flash drives)
  • Jewelry
  • contact lens case
  • worry stones
  • lucky charms
  • small cosmetics
  • SD cards

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